Upcoming Workshops


WHEEL: 9 Month immersion
September 2018

A Nine Month Immersion in EMPATHY PRACTICE AND EMPATHIC COMMUNITY including: developing a depth of connection to our own emotions and the ability to make aligned choices for ourselves; shifting out of patterns of blame and judgement; realigning our natural tendency to want to 'fix' into support through empathy; and being of service to ourselves and the world through empathy.

2 Day introduction to Compasionate Communication
October 2018

2 days to improve all your relationships

Recent studies have proven it: the quality of our relationships have the greatest impact on our overall happiness. Knowing that, it might be worth it to invest time and energy to work on our relationships!

This workshop is for you if you would like to

- be able to deal with conflict and difficult relationship with more fluidity, confidence and trust

- develop a better relation to yourself that helps you in moments of intense emotions

- increase your capacity to listen to people that are dear to you and improve the quality of your relationships

KILN: 10 Month Trainer Candidate Program
February 2019

KILN is a ten-month immersion program for people who have been studying NVC (at least 10-20 days of training) and who are on the path to becoming NVC Trainers. It is a highly applied, practical program with lots of hands on collaboration, program design, leadership and training delivery experience.