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September 2017 - June 2018

Lead Trainer: Angela Walkley, NVC Certified Trainer

Cost: $ 1370 CDN (Scholarships Available)

Application Deadline:  August 31, 2017



A 9 month experience with people who share a commitment to exploration, integration and transformation through nonviolence, compassion and empathy. It will be based on the philosophy, processes, and practices of Nonviolent Communication.

For those of you who have been participating in NVC workshops, practice groups and/or study groups over the last one or two years.

Inspired by Gandhi’s spinning wheel and has a dual focus on our individual learning and growth, and on service to the kind of world we want to live in. While you strengthen, deepen and integrate your NVC skills/understanding you will also explore opportunities to offer empathy in places where empathy is needed.

WHEEL Includes...

Four Three-Day Retreats

Our retreats will  be located on Gabriola Island in a private waterfront home 5 minutes drive from the ferry. We will start at 9:00am, accommodating commuters from Nanaimo on the 8:10 ferry. We will take a long lunch break for down time and walks on the trails. And we will wrap up before 5pm for our commuters to make it home on the 5:30 ferry.

  • Retreat 1: Sept 29-Oct 1, 2017

  • Retreat 2: October 27-29, 2017

  • Retreat 3: February 9-11, 2018

  • Retreat 4: June 8-10, 2018

Bi-weekly Connection

We will have a regular 90 minute bi-weekly call. We’ll have a different topic, focus or practice for each session. These calls can be either via telephone or computer.

Empathy Pairs

You will pair up with individuals in the group and coordinate times to practice your empathy skills.

Personal Empathy Project

You will identify one or several people within your life to try your empathy skills with. You can dedicate as much or as little time to this in your life. Your experience with this will feed into our discussions in the program and may be something you process with your empathy pair.

Group Project: Offering Empathy

We will identify an organization or event where we can provide empathy to those in need: For example: staff who are worn down from their ‘giving’ work, vulnerable program participants (in places like women shelters, youth centres) or events such as Wellness Week offerings.

Dinner Gatherings

We will look for opportunities to connect through shared meals during the program. We may alternate locations for these. We will schedule these based on the group’s interest.

WHEEL is inspired by...

  • Gandhi’s spinning wheel. Through spinning, Gandhi encouraged a country of individuals to reclaim power from the British by making their own clothes.  "We cannot visualise non-violence in the abstract. So we choose an object which can symbolise for us, the formless.”

In addition to nonviolence, the spinning wheel was a symbol for self responsibility, inward orientation, freedom, choice and service. Gandhi also believed that the spinning-wheel bound together the hearts of everyone in society with a common thread of social oneness.

WHEEL offers the opportunity to be a part of a common thread, to step into self responsibility for our experience in life and to be of service to others with the gift of empathy.

Mahatma Gandhi saw God in every thread that he drew on the spinning wheel; its music was like a balm to his soul.


  • The potting wheel, where we first begin to shape unformed clay. The artistry of creating our life. This links to our other year-long community, KILN, where we “fire” our pots and vessels to serve the world.


  • Circles, cycles, returning. Unity. Inclusion. Belonging. Shared power and holding of the community circle. The cyclical nature of life, community, systems and our natural world.  


  • Simple technology. A return to the most basic forms of connection, to simplicity.


  • Intertwining Threads. During this program, we will be looking at the intertwining threads of buddhism, yogic philosophy, western knowledge/practices of neurobiology and how NVC is a tapestry that interweaves them all.


WHEEL Revolves Around the Themes of...


Inner Work:

  • Deepening self-knowledge

  • Integrating the practice of self-empathy

  • Accessing courage to speak and act our truth

  • Exploring our beliefs around purpose

Being of Service:

  • Being a source of empathy for those in your life

  • Being a source of empathy in your places of involvement (work/volunteer/etc..)

  • Offering empathy to individuals in need: ie via hospice, women’s shelters, John Hopkins, youth organizations, TBD...

Learning from Community:

  • Creating a community within the WHEEL experience

  • Using your interactions within the WHEEL community to form the basis for my learning

  • Creating practices and rituals with others in your community to support connection and learning

Making Conscious Life Choices:

  • How to align life choices around your deep sense of self and purpose

  • Where to put your focus and energy

  • How to best live the stage of life you’re in, and prepare for the next

Close Relationships:

  • How to seek and nurture the kinds of close relationships you want

  • How to work with those you have, let go of ones that don’t serve life, and find new ones



The program is intended to include all individuals, reflective of their individual circumstances and needs.

Program cost: $1370 (full cost) or  $160 a month

Financial Support

  • Full scholarship available for one or two people

  • Partial scholarships available

  • Volunteer contributions welcomed in trade where possible

  • Please submit your requests to me about this when you contact me to register.  

Volunteer Opportunities

These are specifically intended for those that could otherwise not attend due to financial resources.

  • Set-up/Clean up: set up and clean-up of venue/accommodations before and after retreats.

  • Communication: confirming participation for retreats, calls, travel, directions, arrivals, departures or other logistical communication details that come up. Be the first on the call for each bi-weekly conference call.

  • Snacks/Coffee/Tea/Lunch time support during retreats

    • ensure that kitchen is kept clean,

    • put out snacks, coffee, tea

    • help people to find what they need in the kitchen

    • possibly even help with picking up/preparing snacks in advance

  • Budget/payment support: tracking and sending out reminders



Our retreats will be held at a private residence. It has an ocean view and an ideal set up for our retreats. Room costs range from $25-$60 per night. 



(MA in Leadership, CNVC Certified Trainer)

Angela sees NVC as a path towards consciousness. It is an approach that leads to greater inner freedom, connection with others and positive contribution in the world. She also sees it as a powerful tool for meditation, facilitation, leadership and collaboration. She believes that embracing the consciousness sharpens the tool allowing it to transform both the hearts and minds of people.

Angela has facilitated key decisions, conflict situations, collaboration and dialog among First Nations, non profit, government communities and social change makers for over 20 years. She has led training in leadership, participatory/integrative land management, and of course Nonviolent Communication. She is passionate about creating positive change in this world through our own self awareness and shifts in the ways we relate to one another (and ourselves). She is particularly enchanted with sharing how increasing our consciousness of our breath and body responses can transform our experience of life.