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Compassionate Communication - Gabriola Island

We all want to relate to people with compassion and respect, while not being “pushovers” – honouring and expressing what’s happening for us inside. This is especially true in situations with conflict and painful emotions.

This workshop will focus on the principles and practices of Compassionate Communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC).


Through structured activities using real situations, you will:

  • Shift from judgments and guilt toward curiosity and mutual understanding
  • Move from blame, to an understanding of our common values
  • Develop self-compassion and find more choice in our experiences and relationships
  • Express your feelings and desires in ways that can be heard

Workshop Fee: $90

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Created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Compassionate Communication is an approach that addresses the most common barriers to communication, and offers greater possibilities for collaboration, mutual acceptance, and support.  It has been used widely in organizations, schools, businesses, relationships, and families.

Compassionate Communication is a heartfelt way to listen, speak, and live – with others, and with the many voices and aspects of ourselves.  It transforms conflicts into moments of learning and connecting with what is most important to us and others.

    Facilitator: Angela Walkley

    Angela Walkley will be leading the session. Angela has over 15 years of experience facilitating, mediating and teaching leadership. For many of these years this involved supporting Yukon First Nations, Government and communities to find a good path forward. She now offers courses in NVC, inner freedom and group facilitation; runs a year-long program for candidate NVC trainers and runs several all-ages Summer Camps.

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    Quotes from recent participants:

    "I love the way Angela holds space - and us (the group) in it, and the clarity, integrity, authenticity and warmth with which she teaches. Rich learning, Full heart. Curious mind. Renewed inspiration. Deepened Trust. Wow" J.H.

    "I am touched by Angela's presence - her wisdom, attentive character and grace. I am so glad to have done this with her and the wonderful group of people she gathered." S.S.

    "Angela doesn't just teach and model the Steps of NVC, she teaches participants to walk the talk. I leave this workshop with a greater sense of gratitude, joy and love." A.N.

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