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Facilitating Community & Group Decision Making

This workshop is for individuals who are interested in leading community and group processes to create connection, foster understanding and come to decisions together.

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Participants will be introduced to facilitation tools and approaches that create connection, flow, clarity and outcomes. The workshop will be highly interactive and we will be playing with scenarios for honouring outlying perspectives, First Nations or other non-dominant culture perspectives. There will be opportunities to practice finding the sweet spot for supporting community/group members to know that they have been heard while maintaining movement and productivity.

Some specific topics covered during the workshop will include:

  • Tools for:

    • creating connection between participants,

    • giving people a chance to be heard,

    • taking stock,

    • collaborative idea generation,

    • making space for differences,

    • setting priorities, and making choices;

  • Approaches for moving past positions and digging for what's most important;

  • How to facilitate for power, privilege, and marginalized perspectives; and

  • Turning challenging group dynamics into opportunities to increase honesty, trust and care.

Workshop Cost

Your registration includes four full days of training, materials, snacks and tea/coffee. We will be gathering on beautiful Gabriola in a private home overlooking the Salish Sea. Please bring a lunch (kitchen available to heat things up), pen, paper and spill proof mug.

  • Early bird Registration Cost: $360 (deadline December 15th)
  • Full Registration Cost: $420 (deadline January 12th)

We will be gathering on beautiful Gabriola in a private home overlooking the Salish Sea. Accommodation options vary from: $35-$100 per night.


Please use THIS FORM to register and to request accommodation options.

Facilitator/Trainer: Angela Walkley

For over 20 years, Angela has facilitated groups through decision-making, conflict and personal change. She has held space for the exploration of the inner landscape, and has walked many miles with First Nations, Government, non-profit organizations, and community leaders striving to make decisions together for the future of their surrounding natural world and their communities.

She has led workshops in community engagement throughout the Yukon and during her two years as an advisor to the Minister of the Environment in Ecuador. She is passionate about grassroots engagement in decision-making and self determination. She has years of wonderful experiences rolling up her sleeves with groups and community representatives in community kitchens, neighbourhood halls, Non profit board rooms, First Nation Council chambers, schools, many a living room and even a few threshing pads, trappers cabins and chicken buses.

For more on Angela's experience and qualifications please read more HERE.


Cancellation policy:
1. If the program is cancelled by the organizer, a full refund will be given.
2. If a participant cancels 2 weeks or more prior to the program,

Option 1: full refund minus $50.00 admin fee.

Option 2: $50.00 admin fee can be transferred to another program offered by Farthest Shore for the participant or someone else.

3. If a participant cancels less than 2 weeks prior to the program, no refund will be given. The participant can transfer the amount paid to another program offered by Farthest Shore for the participant or someone else.